Lewis Tactical, LLC

About Lewis Tactical

The vision of Lewis Tactical is to be the premier tactical gun retailer in the Greater Houston Area by providing superior products, services, and knowledge. This vision can be achieved through the hard work of the company’s owner and its employees by implementing high safety standards and a philosophy of continuous improvement. Partnering with firearm, ammunition, and tactical gear manufacturers are key elements in making this vision a reality.

Guiding Principles

The owner and employees of Lewis Tactical believe in the Constitution of the United States of American and the individual rights this founding document protects. To keep atrophy at bay, an individual’s rights must be exercised in a responsible manner. By making precision tactical weapon systems, ammunition, and tactical gear available, Lewis Tactical is providing its customers the ability to exercise their individual Second Amendment Rights.

To exercise fully customer’s Second Amendment Rights, Lewis Tactical will focus on individual and corporate responsibilities that led to maintaining the right to keep and bear arms. The company will uphold not just the letter of the law but also the spirit of federal, state, and local laws as they pertain to operating a retail firearm store. The company will maintain computerized and manual records of all gun transfers and will assist law enforcement when necessary.

Strategic Direction

The company’s vision, mission, and values are used to evaluate every decision made at Lewis Tactical that may have an impact of the firm’s reputation, customers, shooting sports, or the environment. The decision to carry handguns, rifles, and shotguns from companies with high quality standards, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and reputations of quick and accurate support upholds Lewis Tactical’s vision.

Meeting Customers’ Needs

To meet the needs of clients, the company sells AR-15 style firearms and tactical weapons from Armalite, Barrett, Bushmaster, DPMS Panther Arms, Rock River Arms, Smith & Wesson and others. To cater to personal preference, both direct gas impingement and gas piston models are available. Lewis Tactical is a dealer for AimPoint high quality red dot sights. Lewis Tactical also carries a wide range of accessories such as lights, laser sights, scopes, and AR parts that allow each person to personalize his or her tactical rifle or shotgun.

Lewis Tactical is a stocking dealer for all the major firearm manufacturers. Most firearms can be received from the company’s distributors within 2-4 business days (lead times very depending on availability).